As a New Partnership To Grow Together With a Client And Coach
March 15, 2019
Holistic Coaching

As a new partnership to grow together

With a client and coach


Holistic coaching is a new partnership between a client and a coach. The client shares difficulty, hardship, joy, and achievement with the coach. There is no right or wrong in holistic coaching. We are free to choose from numerous options when we take actions. What is essential is your values and a sense of purpose. Holistic coaching is a safe field that the clients can share their feeling, thoughts, and actions.



Coach trusts the client, the rapport, and the process of a session to reach the best answers for the client at that time. Holistic coaching is a co-creative process to explore more aspects of the being and the surrounding from numerous perspectives. As a result, we can find new awareness and options together that was difficult to see by the client alone. Each session is a creative and productive time in the relaxed and sacred field.



Spring is almost here. It is perfect timing to welcome new starts! Holistic coaching can help you to find more possibilities and accomplishments in your life.








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