Holistic coaching is just like dancing together 〜ダンスのようなコーチング〜
March 11, 2019
Holistic Coaching

Holistic coaching is just like dancing together with a client and coach. It is a co-creative process between client and coach to achieve the client’s goals. I love Salsa dance but think about the other couple dances such as Tango and social dancing. If you like dancing, you might be able to relate my words easily.


Couple dance is a sort of communication, supporting one another, creative process and fun! Coaching session proceeds based on verbal conversation, but the process is an image of dancing together with the client and coach.


I would say that the coach’s role is escorting the client and the client’s one is leading the session. With the coach’s support, the leading role of a client is to listen to self, explore your inner voice, becoming aware, making decisions, creating steps towards the goals, taking actions, evaluating the process, and celebrating success.


In many times, this co-creative process leads to explore more aspects of the being and the surrounding from numerous perspectives. Yes, this is a fun and exciting dancing called holistic coaching!











My favorite, SF ballet

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