April 15, 2019
Holistic Coaching

QOL stands for Quality of Life, and this is an essential concept when it comes to patient care. As health care professionals, we consider patients’ QOL when we make the decision of the treatment and provide care for our patients.

However, many health care professionals have known that each person has a very different lifestyle, and one person’s QOL differs from the others. For example, people with diabetes all have very different lifestyles and values. They take very different approaches to control their blood sugar, or even decide not to control their blood sugar. 

It is essential for health care professionals to share the possible causes of diabetes, the necessity, and options of controlling blood sugar with the patients. However, the final decision of the treatment is up to the patient.

Here is the reality.

Mr. A. takes “diabetic pills” but does not want to control his diet. He loves high sugar foods and describes that food is the most important thing in his life. He wants to eat whatever he wants to. Ms. B hates to take pills, so she strictly cuts her sugar consumptions and controls the blood sugar. Mr. C reviewed his lifestyle and modified his activity, diet, and stress management. These decisions are based on, so to speak, their Values of Life (VOL).

When people want to change their habits or patterns for any reasons, it is important to review their VOL. Our values are the keys to acknowledge who we are and what we want to accomplish in this life. Each person is unique and has different meanings of lives. Self-awareness of our own values can be a new awareness to lead new action and progress.

Holistic coaching values the client’s VOL and takes unique approaches to assist clients in achieving their goals.

How is your goal related to your values? 

Spring has come, the air is warm, and flowers are in full bloom. Let’s start shaking up a little bit of body and mind. Now is the perfect time to start taking new actions for new results!


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